Motor Graders

Whether you need a motor grader for a short-term project, a long-term job or as an emergency replacement, Blue Diamond Machinery can help. Our quality road graders have low hours and are equipped with advanced electronics to ensure optimum productivity and long-term durability. Our fleet includes a large inventory to ensure you get the motor grader you need with a full range of attachments and 2WD and AWD for every type of terrain. Request a quote or call us at 702-718-0088 to reserve a machine or attachment today.


Why choose Heavy Metal Equipment:

We provide options — Our fleet includes motor graders with 8-foot and 14-foot blades, ensuring you’ll receive an economical solution whether you need a fuel-efficient and easily maneuverable road grader or a bigger machine for a heavy-duty job.

We deliver 24/7 customer care and support — This includes on-the-job support and regular maintenance by our factory-trained technicians.

We offer flexible rental plans — Have a job that requires a piece of equipment your fleet doesn’t carry? Need an extra machine to help you get your job done on time? We offer daily, weekly and monthly rental plans to maximize efficiency and help you keep pace with demand.

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